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About Me

Who am I? Ah, the eternal question … or is that “What’s for lunch?”

I call myself a realistic idealist.  I strive to start with an ideal state – since it’s far more efficient to start from ideal than to stretch to it – while knowing and accepting that sometimes what we think is the ideal state, isn’t really the best. 

My designs – code, infrastructure, processes – generally share certain traits; they are:

  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Performant
  • Documented (always in comments, frequently externally as well)

I embody the standard DBA response: “it depends”.  While there are certain patterns which generally provide the best resolution, sometimes you need to break out of an ineffective pattern and approach a design from a different direction.

Powershell script for managing location of core cluster resources

In our SQL Failover Cluster Instance (FCI) environments (overall environment description available here) we generally use 2 servers plus a disk witness (quorum drive) – we only have one data center so we don’t take the overhead of using node majority.  That quorum drive is part of the resource group called “Cluster Group”, commonly known as cluster core resources.  The core cluster resources have no relationship with any other cluster resources (e.g. the SQL Server resource), and they can fail over independently from any other cluster resource. They also stay in place if someone fails over the other resources (i.e. SQL). Continue reading

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