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My working environment


I created this post to use as a reference for how my current working environment is configured, so I don’t have to repeat details in my other posts; I can just reference this post.

What we have

Our shop is predominantly Microsoft, so .NET and MSSQL, with a few others thrown in (MySQL and PHP, really, but I have almost nothing to do with them (yay)), and we’re also in the process of integrating Azure into the mix. Other than our production environment we have 2-3 non-prod tiers for almost all of our ecosystems: DEV and QA for almost all, and PLT (performance load testing) for a couple. We are a VMWare shop and aside from a few older systems almost 100% of our environment is virtualized (of the machines which can be virtualized, of course). Because of this, we have dedicated ESX hosts for all of our SQL Servers and license the hosts; this allows us to have as many VMs as we need (as an enterprise client we have Software Assurance) as well as use Enterprise Edition, which also allows us to create dedicated SQL Servers for individual ecosystems and not have to worry about the issues with sharing. We currently have around 90 SQL Server instances in production. Continue reading

My first post! Some stuff about me

I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi…  Ok, that wasn’t me.  What’s really about me is that after some false starts in the food services and retail, I started working as a temp answering phones at a local company, a fulfillment house for literature for mutual fund companies.  I moved up the chain into the business side, working with a couple of larger clients, and ended up picking up a book “Access 97 For Dummies” and building a subscription mailing list application and database.  With that, and some work with the IT department on building a new call center order entry application, my VP said “Go to IT, you’re wasted here”, so I did. Continue reading

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