Hi!  Welcome to my brand spanking new site.  Literally.  Like, I just created it a few hours ago and it’s the first website I’ve created (woo-hoo!).

My name is Chris Stewart and I’ve been a SQL Server DBA for over 19 years (nnnngggaahhhhh that’s painful to say sometimes).  In that time I’ve worked at about 10 companies, first in Massachusetts (yes I know how to drop my “R”s) and currently in California.  For more details on that check out my first blog post here! (there’s nothing there yet, but that’ll be the first post, I promise)

My vision for this site is to be a place to record and share my experiences, thoughts, and opinions from my career as a DBA.  I’m a big believer in sharing my knowledge instead of hoarding it, empowering developers and other DBAs with the wisdom I’ve gained over the years … Ok, I can’t say that “wisdom” part with a straight face.  I thought I could but I can’t.  Nope, just not gonna be able to do it.  But I do believe in sharing, though it’s taken me awhile to take the plunge into giving back to the rest of the interwebs, and not just my co-workers.  Just be aware that with the good stuff comes the outré.

There may be more as time goes on, who can predict? (bad obscure Oracle joke there)